How To Whiten Teeth in 5 Minutes!

Often we have the habit of eating something or something that we liked, but we forget that what we are eating gets stuck in our teeth, which causes teeth to turn yellow and we do not pay attention to it.

So, I want to talk about How To Whiten Teeth in 5 Minutes! one simple life hack which will make your teeth whiter in just 5 minutes.
I want to share with you
How To Whiten Teeth in 5 Minutes! 1 life hack which will take your teeth whitening to the next level.

The best thing is that it is so easy that even the laziest can do it.
It is a perfect time to talk about it because the main and only thing require Which is available in this season and that thing is Strawberry.

strawberries, strawberry

It is very easy all you need to do is to make a paste of strawberry using a folk or a spoon whatever is available to you and every time before brushing your teeth.

Just put a little bit of this paste along with a toothpaste that you are using and brush as usual. do this just once and you will see a visible change in your teeth color.

brush teeth

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The only thing you should take care of is that strawberry should get fully massage in all parts of your teeth.
I would advise you to do it regularly for like 5 days and that would be enough for a brighter smile for the next few months.

This happens because strawberry naturally has MALIC ACID in that, which is the main ingredient needed to by teeth,
Actually, they are so effective that even if you eat a few strawberries you get to feel like medicines.

It is super easy you can make a paste of these strawberries at once and keep it in the refrigerator for the next five days and also it is very cheap it cost you around Rs 3 or 5 for 1 strawberry.

happy smile
happy smile

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